Parking Spot Sensor System

Parking Spos Sensors – System. Metering the city!


  • Cities loose out on up to 40% of mobility revenue increase due to a lag of monitoring and analytics to better understand influences of pricing changes and inefficient enforcement. Especially congestion zones and abusive parking often happens undetected due to a lag infrastructure for registration of ingress spots or detailed measurement of occupation.

    The use of INES InSight helps you analyse traffic better providing you RFID sensors for drive through congestion charge validation and single parking spot sensors help you not only to detect overstays, but also measure usage for better pricing policies.





    Parking Spot Sensors


    With the INES InSight Parking Sensor 2.0 with improved battery life and a life cycle of 8 years you can follow parking space occupation down to the single spot. The integration with INES Cloud allows you to directly trigger your guidance systems to redirect traffic or indicate free parking spots right on your citizens smartphones.


  • parking sensors and rfid mobility gate

  • RFID Toll
    and Congestion Gates

    Thanks to our RFID gates and batches you can manage vehicle ingress and outgress traffic. In combination with INES Cloud and license plate recognition cameras you can automate the management of fines and dramatically reduce back office work. With ~99% recognition rate RFID sensors are the most reliable instrument to measure registered vehicles with durable and resistant sensors.

  • rfid-access-gates for congestion zones

  • Plate Recognition

    With license plate recognition cameras you can verify in real time immediately start abuse processes. Combined with RFID gates and batches you can reach up 90% recognition rates and effectively enforce congestion zones in urban areas. The connection to INES Cloud allows you to bundle permissions and fines on one platform to provide easier and more effective workflows reaching highest possible automation.

  • ocr-license-plate-cameras