References & Case Studies

Discover how our unique approach helps cities to manage mobility and face the challenges of urbanisation as new smarter city. More than 30 Cities in Europe rely on Kiunsys products as their mobility management platform.

kiunsys awards

  • Naples

    Naples captures the tools to ease the management of digital mobility and parking services, in the spirit of dematerialization and technological integration.

  • Veronamercato SpA

    Veronamercato realised an access control system in fast free flow mode for a more efficient and secure management

  • Monza


    Integration and automation of the management and control of disabled blue badge permits through a unique platform and anti-counterfeit RFID tags.

  • Firenze


    Florence deeply transformed the management and control of urban mobility, parking and relevant permits in every aspect, by centralizing all the operating activities in a perfectly integrated system, based on INES Cloud platform.

  • Pavia

    The existing LTZ system in Pavia has been extended and enhanced with the Kiunsys RFID UHF Mobility Gate, which are able to identify passes for the loading/unloading of goods and for disabled people, as well as to measure the permanence of commercial vehicles in the LTZ area.

  • verona city with river and bridges


    Verona integrated the existing congestion area system with RFID gates to reduce city freight logistics traffic impact by more than 31%.

  • piazza degli miracoli leaning tower pisa


    Pisa reduced congestion and increased revenue thanks to the unification of the city’s mobility on one platform.

  • City of La Spezia

    La Spezia

    Port city and important cruise port, La Spezia solved congestion problems in the city center thanks to wireless and RFID sensors.