Digitization of urban mobility processes and parking management


  • Firenze

    The Challenge

    The Municipality of Florence, through its subsidiary company Servizi alla Strada Spa, needed to simplify and improve the management of mobility in urban areas.

    In particular, it had to cope the technological fragmentation of services and systems, integrate the cash flows generated from this industry, digitalise mobility processes related to the authorizations management for the loading/unloading of goods, for citizens, disabled people and tour buses, and manage distribution channels such as help desks, web and mobile apps for the urban mobility services.

    The Solution

    Florence deeply transformed the management and control of urban mobility, parking and relevant permits in every aspect, by centralizing all the operating activities in a perfectly integrated system, based on INES Cloud platform.

    The solution, developed by Kiunsys, TTS Italia’s partner, permits to manage and control each aspect of mobility and parking in a urban area with over 1 million citizens through a single and totally centralized platform.

    With more than 100 individual reports, INES Cloud, indeed, allows to monitor in real time each aspect of mobility, including parking space occupation, traffic flows and revenue. Historical data analysis tools allow to gather statistic data, which can help planning and maintaining more efficiently mobility infrastructure and understanding future needs of cities.

    The digitalisation of mobility in Florence, in compliance with the guidelines and objectives of the European Union and the Italian Republic about eGovernment, ensures greater transparency in the management and a considerable increase of the income.

    Thanks to the efficiency of services and control activities provided, over 25 cities achieved remarkable results in terms of return on investment, increase of the income and traffic decrease.

    In this process of digitalization and innovation of mobility in Florence, Kiunsys deployed several technological solutions and applications linked to the INES Cloud platform:

    • INES Cloud BE: management of processes, distribution channel
    • INES Cloud – ParkingHub: parking management and sale via multiple mobile app (such as Infoparking)
    • INES Cloud-FE: management of reserved area, request of permits, digital payments
    • Tap&Park: parking payment, subscription renewal
    • Smart Fine: on-street control and fines
    • Integrazioni: LTZ (Autostrade), ERP
  • Highlights


    • Financial centralization
    • LTZ integration
    • Penalty integration
    • Income increase
    • Fraud decrease
    • Ready for future services MaaS – Mobility as a Service