La Spezia

A fully integrated smart city

  • City of La Spezia

    The Challenge

    With 136.000 citizens in the urban area the second largest container port in Italy, La Spezia was facing several problems with urban traffic: the increasing crusade traffic led large congestions by tourist busses and the inner city was continuously crowded by congestion.

    The Solution

    The city decided to limit the traffic within the city center and implement real time monitoring of free parking spaces. INES Cloud was chosen as the management solutions. Several automated gates were set up at the ingress points of the city center to limit access only to registered vehicles. Over 1000 parking sensors were installed to provide real time data about the occupation. Major parking structures and all installed gates were enabled for fully automated verification via RFID tags matching registered vehicles and there parking subscriptions fully automated. Digital displays are used to redirect the traffic in areas with available parking space.

  • Highlights

    1.010 Parking Spot Sensors communicate free parking spots in real time.

    • Digital Traffic Signs to redirect traffic to areas with free parking spots
    • Automated Gates with RFID Readers to control access to the city center
    • Usage of INES Web to provide information to citizens via web portal and apps.

    We chose Kiunsys because of the unique approach of INES Cloud to integrate our existing infrastructure on one platform and giving us new tools to supply critical information to our citizens.

    Author's imageMarco SalernoDirector, ATC Mobilità & Parcheggi Spa