Definitive Solution for Counterfeiting


  • monza

    The Challenge

    The city of Monza needed a solution to stop counterfeiting of the blue badges for disabled people. In addition, the city wanted to automate the access control to the LTZ and to the disabled people reserved traffic lanes.

    The Solution

    The city of Monza replaced the old disabled perimts with the new CUDE (EU standard) equipping them with RFID tags.

    The RFID Tags made permissions impossible to counterfeit, in addition, they can be verified by:

    • smart devices used by parking control officers;
    • automatic devices such RFID Gate to LZT and preferred lanes

    Citizens entitled to have CUDEs apply to the specific city office, where the entire process of request / registration and distribution is handled with INES Cloud.

  • Highlights


    • Permissions are impossible to counterfeit and control activities are quicker and more effective.


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    • The CUDE issued by the City of Monza have anti-counterfeit RFID tags.
    • The process of managing and controlling disabled markers is centralized on a single platform.
    • All information about roadside tracking activities is automatically recorded on the management platform.