Smart Mobility and Smart Parking in the sun

  • The challenge

    Naples: ten municipalities of about 100,000 inhabitants each; urban area of 119 km2; during the last five-year period visitor numbers increased by 13% per year, until 12 million persons in 2015. On the more, they hold the national urban road traffic record.
    With 92 cities lying on a 1,171 km² area, Naples metropolitan area has taken values of huge dimensions, being the third Italian metropoly for number of inhabitants and the first for population density. Every day, 288,497 registered companies (InfoCamere 2016) – to which public services and offices are to be added – bring millions of employees and users into the city.
    Well known for being sparkling, in the last decades Naples has increased the quality of services and people wellbeing (UrBES 2015). However, mobility management was still afflicted with inefficiency that badly impacted not only on the fiscal levy – and then on the collection of money to be invested in the improvement of facilities and services, but also on vehicles’ flow, on atmospheric pollution and, last but not least, on people wellbeing.
    Facing the need of both managing huge vehicular flows and harmonizing a growing quantity of services and technologies from different suppliers, ANM – Azienda Napoletana Mobilità S.p.A. strove for an integrated system of mobility management, which was expected to be efficient, flexible, and user friendly.

    The solution

    Thanks to the partnership of ANM with Kiunsys, Naples now owns up to date tools to manage mobility and parking digital services on an unified platform, in a spirit of dematerialization and integration of independent technological solutions and in line with the mobility plans of the biggest Italian and European cities.
    More specifically, their shared strategy comes to the aid of both administration and users:

    • INES Cloud – ParkingHub allows an unrestricted number of operators to sell parking, through API. It allows also unified management of data and round-the-clock survey of the operators; data collection and analysis of single parking operators’ performance per period and license plates, single operators’ credit report per period, fee collection by rate, single fees’ geolocation, index of deviation between single and cumulative transactions. Once logged in, operators can register, check, and summarize sold parking tickets, and then sync data with the unified system, which allows control over the state of services provided by the operators themselves. Today with the ParkingHub, Naples unifies the management of the mobile apps for parking payment available in the city: Easypark, Pyng and Tap&Park.
    • On the users’ side, Tap&Park is a parking tickets sale app natively integrated with INES Cloud, which eases parking payment and management. As users have registered their vehicles, they can top-up their digital wallet, check both credit and refilling or parking records. Drivers who move from parking spaces before the expiration of the digital ticket have their wallet refilled with the undue fee. On the other side, those who plan to delay their stay, can easily extend their parking permit directly through the app. This way, the risk of fines and the search for parking meters are definitely out of question.
  • Highlights


    • Quick and efficient control over parking and violations
    • Real-time sync between operators and managers for the sake of transparent administration of meters
    • Increase of parking sale networks, without additional transaction costs