Veronamercato SpA

Outstanding efficiency through Free-Flow Vehicles Access


  • The Challenge

    High transportation costs and trade barriers hamper the agri-food supply, and their mastery has a positive influence on the whole chain functions and output. In the long run inarticulate access to market facilities harms supply-demand market equilibrium, customer satisfaction, and overall related industries. Spain has recently exceeded the Italian vegetables import-export on the basis of logistics and transport, impact studies say.

    Veronamercato S.p.A. plays a major role in the European agri-food trading. They now host 96 operators with a overall freight traffic of 180,000+ tons of fruit, vegetables, and citrus fruit, in 2016. Also its fisheries has a large market share with 4,000+ tons per year from 2011 to 2016.

    Their dominant market position and increasing flow of persons and goods make innovation in logistics vital to achieve their goals. The management of Veronamercato S.p.A. was at stake due to scattered information and the following hardship in the implement of intervention and improvement strategies.

    The Solution

    With their partnership, Kiunsys and Veronamercato put a ground breaking free flow access control into effect, deploying an action plan that aims at a holistic and functional management.

    Access to the area is provided through a 9-lane ETC gateway.
    For regular users, RFID Mobility Gates track and monitor incoming vehicles equipped with RFID Mobility Pass. Once the latter is properly checked, automatic barrier arms rise. At once, ANPR cameras recognise vehicles’ registration plates and check if vehicles are registered or licensed, so as to undertake spot checks (e.g. RFID movement and Anti PassBack Strict).
    For occasional users who do not own proximity cards, two out of nine entry lanes are provided with local control operator, where toll is paid and QR Code is released.
    The three exit lanes are equipped with both QR Code reader and RFID technology.
    Moreover, the integrated administration and control system provides analytical tools that are much-needed for future development. All data are collected and managed through INES Cloud, by means of which Veronamercato S.p.A. can rely on:

    • Centralised management of season tickets, temporary passes, fee rates
    • Management of income from manual stations, self checkouts, web portal, or mobile app
    • Reporting system on financial records, field operations, desk activities, log access
    • Application Programming Interface for integration with third-party hardware and software


  • Highlights


    Combining RFID technology and INES Cloud, Kiunsys allows Veronamercato to:

    • have an exact knowledge of entries, exits and vehicle identities
    • improve the flow of vehicles at peak times
    • dematerialise and improve payment systems
    • ensure high degree safety for both operators and users
    • collect users’ data in order to track, improve and increase the supply of services